Make your tandem paragliding flight in tandem with a paraglider pilot and give in the view that will unfold in front of you. Book your paragliding tandem flight


  • First of all, it is necessary to agree on the place and date of the flight, in order to match your wishes with suitable weather conditions for flying.
  • The locations (spot) for flying that are available to us are Vršac, Rajac, Zlatibor or Gučevo.
  • You arrive at the take-off point in your own transport or make arrangements with the flight organizer for shared transport with a tandem pilot
  • You go on a flight in sports shoes and comfortable clothes as you would for any trip or walk
  • Depending on the weather conditions or the location,tandem flight it can take an average of 15 minutes.
  • The passenger is gotha a video of the flight, which is included in the price of the flight.
  • It is necessary to fill out the form and book your tandem flight!
  • For this unusual experience of free flying where we use a paraglider, the price is really small, for more information call us at + 381 65 9560829

Paragliding is one of the youngest aviation sports classified as adrenaline and extreme sports. When asked if it is dangerous, the answer is the same as driving a car, and of course both are dangerous if you run a red light at a traffic light. So, paragliding is safe as long as you follow the rules, especially the weather conditions for flying. Tandem paragliding involves flying with a licensed tandem pilot and paragliding equipment designed for tandem flying. In order to fly in tandem, you do not need any prior knowledge of paragliding, it is enough to have sports shoes and to be able to run a few steps when taking off. If you want to fly in tandem or give someone a suitable gift for a birthday or a similar occasion, you can call us or schedule your tandem flight. We are waiting for you on the hill to fly together!